In 2012, the Agribusiness Support Division (now the Agribusiness Unit) was created as one of the divisions of the earlier Policy Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate (PPMED). The Agribusiness Unit (ABU) was created with the aim of providing technical information and supporting agribusiness. To facilitate investment into the agriculture sector 

Deal with agribusiness issues and agriculture related business matters. The agribusiness unit was also envisaged to serve as a single point of contact within MOFA for investors and agribusinesses (small, medium, large) to obtain technical information.


To make agriculture a haven for investment


To provide technical information and expertise to the private sector facilitate agribusiness


To facilitate private sector investment into the agriculture sector 


  • Facilitating Investment into the agriculture sector.
  • Serving as an information hub for agribusiness.
  • Provide capacity building for agribusinesses.
Agriculture Investment documents The final version of the agriculture investment guide has been validated and available on the MoFA website
Draft documents on investment opportunities of six commodities (rice, pineapple, tomato, oil palm, mango, poultry)
Draft documents on commodity profile (Rice, Soy, Poultry)
Profitability analysis on selected value chain. (Orange, Sweet potato)
Conduct Survey on Post-harvest infrastructure in Ghana.
Collaborative study between ABU of MOFA and Agriculture and Agribusiness Unit of Ministry of Finance
Final report validated and available from the Ministry of Finance, Agribusiness Desk
Provide relevant information to prospective investors Answer to queries by potential investors From January 2019 64 potential investors have been provided with information or facilitation
Participate in Agriculture related exhibitions Participated in exhibitions including:PALs Africa, Agro Food West Africa, Catholic Youth Week Celebration, Mango Week exhibition, Agribusiness Fair and Conference in Wa, Farmer’s Day Exhibition.
Provide capacity building in agribusiness development skills & knowledge focusing on Marketing, Accounting – Book keeping, Raw material sourcing, financing, 5S and Production management

The Unit has developed a Business and Marketing Training Model for Agribusinesses.

Regions covered so far

  • Ashanti Region
  • Eastern Region
  • Greater Accra Region
  • Volta Region
  • Northern Region
  • Central Region
  • Bono Region*



  • All Directorates of MOFA
  • Ghana Investment Promotion Centre
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry
  • Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project
  • Agriculture and Agribusiness Unit of Ministry of Finance