Wienco (Ghana) Limited, established in 1979 is jointly owned by Dutch and Ghanaian Shareholders. As an agricultural company, Wienco specializes in the importation and distribution of high quality agro-inputs that meet international standards.

Our major objective is to continue in the development of new Crop Protection areas to strengthen key partnership that further enhance the productivity of the Ghanaian farmer to ensure he obtains high yields profitably and, therefore, increased incomes. Additionally, the company is strengthening its efforts to become a key player in the seed industry, particularly, maize.

In February, 2010, the company moved into its own ultra-modern office located at the No.14 Narku Ipan Road inside Airport Residential Area, an evidence of its vision for long term existence in agriculture in Ghana. This will strengthen Wienco’s position to continue taking advantage of the various opportunities in Ghana’s agricultural sector.

As part of Wienco’s commitment to improving productivity of smallholder farmers in Ghana, Input packages are given to organized groups of Farmers in the form of credit facilities such as fertilizers and agrochemicals whereby repayment from the farmer groups is done after the harvest of their crops. This in effect goes a long way to help farmers who may not be financially sound to have access to the needed inputs. This has led to the establishment of two major innovations in Ghana’s Agriculture in recent times, namely: Cocoa Abrabopa Association (for cocoa farmers) and Masara N’arziki (for maize farmers). Subsequently, the two Associations have become two key partners of Wienco. Currently, the Cocoa Abrabopa Association operates from Dunkwa-On-Offin in the Central Region with thousands of members in all cocoa growing areas in Ghana. Membership of about 14,000 in 2009 cultivated 3, 8187 acres of cocoa. In 2010, over17,000 farmers cultivated 45, 681 acres. MASARA in 2009 cultivated 10,401 acres of maize in the three Northern Regions of Ghana, and parts Brong Ahafo and Ashanti Regions. In 2010 acreage increased to 15,000 acres Expected target by 2015 is 50,000 acres of maize.

We are currently a member of the Ghana Club 100 with staff strength of about 80. In August 2005, Wienco was adjudged the Best Foreign Business of the year by the Millennium Excellence Foundation. Besides this, it has received many other awards and recognitions.



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