Blue Skies has been producing fresh fruit products from its factory near to Nsawam in Ghana since 1998. The company started by exporting premium quality freshly cut fruit to supermarkets in Europe before eventually diversifying to supply the local market with freshly-squeezed 100% natural juice. From the beginning our approach has differed from many other fruit processors because we believe in ‘adding value at source’. This means our fruit is cut and packed in the country of origin, rather than shipped overseas and processed elsewhere. This philosophy not only enables Blue Skies to deliver a better quality product, but also helps to generate social and economic development within the country where the fruit was grown.

Today Blue Skies continues to supply a variety of retailers throughout the world with exceptional quality ‘fresh from harvest fruit’. It also now has factories in South Africa, Egypt and Brazil from where it sources additional fruits that aren’t available in Ghana. The company’s factory in Ghana remains its biggest operation; having started production in 1998 with only 35 people, the factory now employs over 1,500 people and has an internet café, a library, a clinic and a canteen. It sources fruit from over 150 farms and is proud to support local communities by funding projects with the Blue Skies Foundation.

To date the Foundation has raised over 1.2 million cedis with its international partners and completed over 25 projects in Ghana. But we believe that it is our commitment to adding value at source that has contributed the most beneficial impact. By doing this we contribute over 5 million cedis to the local economy through staff salaries and account for around 1% of Ghana’s total exports. We think this is pretty impressive for a relatively small company.

In 2008 and 2011 Blue Skies was honoured to have been awarded a Queens Award for Enterprise in recognition of our ethos and our contribution to sustainable development in Ghana.

We are proud of what we have achieved in such a short time, but most importantly we are proud to have done it in Ghana. Ayekoo!


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