CRI is committed to become a Centre of Excellence in Africa for Crops Research and Development .


CRI's Mission is to ensure high and sustainable crop productivity and food security through development and dissemination of environmentally sound technologies.


CRI has a broad research mandate covering all food and industrial crops. These include maize, rice, Cowpea, soybean and groundnut. Others are Cassava, Yam, Cocoyam, Sweetpotato, Vegetables and Fruit crops, plantain and bananas.


The objectives of CRI are to:

• develop improved crop varieties that are high yielding and resistant/tolerant to important biotic and abiotic stresses and have good quality characteristics.
• Develop improved production technologies for sustainable production
• assist achieve food security and self sufficiency in industrial raw material production
• play a leading role in the diversification of agricultural production in Ghana


CRI is governed by a Management Board that oversees the Institute's Research and Administrative activities as well as financial transactions.

The day-to-day administration of the Institute is however headed by a Director, assisted by a Deputy Director and the heads of the Institute's administrative divisions. The Director, the Heads of Divisions and identifiable groups form the Internal Management Committee (IMC) that meets at least four times a year.

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